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Haw could anyone manage to turn beautiful delicious vegies into such disgusting stuff?!!! I read that green drinks are soooo good for you and you should have one every day, Well i thought I would give it a go. As soon as I smelt th estuff I knew it was a BIG mistake but I just payed all that money for it so I’ve got to use it. Added some to my morning smoothie in the hopes I wouldn’t be able to taste it, but it was still revolting!  What to do with it? Any ideas welcome! Otherwise a pleasant day. Went into Brighton with Dave and we ate Italian…Salad starter then aubergine parmigiana. Probably very high calorie but to hell with it!

Did some more squats this morning and they didn’t feel so bad this time.

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Overdoing things!

Got up yesterday and went for my usual run/walk then decided to do some weight training (boring!) then I thought I wouls do some squats on my new vibrating machine. By the time I’d done all that I was feeling a bit achy. Then Dave turned up and said shall we take Kim for a longish walk, so we did. By evening I was so shattered even my face was drooping!  So today I’m taking things easy. I did my run/walk this morning but that is it for the day, apart from the usual dog walks.

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Who needs to run!!??

Just found this in youtube…couldn’t stop laughing!

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Guard Dog !!

Just found this and thought it would make you laugh!

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A New Month!

Only 7 weeks until I go to Corfu to visist my 2 sons and their families. Am working hard on getting my weight down a few more pounds as I know I’ll be over-indulging when i’m there!

My run/walks are still going well and have now incorporated some steps and a hill as inclines are definately my weakest thing. I suppose living in a ground floor flat doesn’t help. Our big walk on Saturdays has a really steep climb towards the end which nearly kills me!! Must work on this area of my fitness. My hip is not giving me so much jip now..maybe it’s the krill oil supplement?!

My weight has started moving in the right direction again, which is encouraging. Have replaced my breakfast yogurt and muesli with a berry and protein smoothie, then have the yogurt for lunch instead of cheese and oatcakes, then poultry or fish with lots of vegies for dinner. Still allowing myself some wine as I’m too weak-willed to give that up!

My magnificent detox spa will probably arrive today and have also ordered a vibration plate exercise machine so that if the weather’s too bad for running I can do a workout on that. Hope it fits in my tiny flat. Have designated a place in the hall…I only have 2 small rooms(Living area and bedroom, apart from the shower room and loo) Makes life difficult as I’m a bit of a hoarder!


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Exercises for vibrator plate

Found these exercises on Utube for my latest toy!

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Whatever will I resort to next!!

Have just worked my way through 106 posts on my email account….the result of not looking at any yesterday!!! Anyway it’s a couple of days since my last post so time I updated.

Was reading all about how our bodies are so full of toxins and rememberedhaving a foot detox a few years ago. I was truly horrified at what the water looked like after half an hour. It resembled a bowl of poo!! Ever since I have been meaning to buy one of these spas but they were too exoensive so I did nothing. Then yesterday I thought I’d have another look and lo and behold Amazon are now selling them for £120 so in a moment of madness I ordered one! It will arrive around Wednesday next week. I can hardly contain my excitement!  Sad isn’t it the weird things that can give you pleasure??!!

Have been continuing with my run/walk training and it seems to suit me better than the long slow runs I was doing before. My hip is not hurting so much and I don’t get home feeling totally exhausted any more. My weight is still a bit up and down but stays around 140 lbs so am fairly happy with that.  Would still like to lose a few more lbs before going to Corfu at the end of June. Plenty of time still, but need to cut back on the wine if I’m going to achieve my goal of 130lbs. So hard for me as Dave and I are pubby people! Mabe my detox machine will help.

The weather for the next few days is going to be horrendous….rain and gales, so I don’t know how much ruuning I’ll manage to do. Oh to live somewhere with a good climate!

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A Better Recipe!

Having received a comment about not using artificial sweetener, have just come up with this recipe. Also could have replaced Splenda with stevia.

individual bars.

Nuts and seeds protein bar


½ cup oatmeal ½ cup whole wheat flour or oat  bran 6 scoops vanilla protein powder 1 cup non-fat dry milk 2 tbsp  flaxseeds 2 tbsp sunflower seeds ¼ cup mixed nuts ¼ cup dried  fruit 1/3 cup natural peanut butter 2 tsp vanilla ½ cup water


Combine oatmeal, oat bran, protein powder, dry milk  powder, seeds, nuts,  and dried fruit in a bowl. Stir in natural peanut butter, vanilla and water  until moist and spread with a wooden spoon or spatula into a non-stick baking  dish. Place in the fridge for an hour until firm. If you’d like to make  this recipe more low-carb in nature, consider replacing the dried fruit with  another type of nut or seed and replace the oat bran with more ground flaxseeds.  This will increase the caloric value of the bars though, so be sure you keep  that in mind when working them into your overall diet.
Read more:

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Protein Bar Recipe

I just found this on google. Most of the recipes contain peanut butter which I hate with a vengence! Shall try this one with less splenda as it sounds too sweet for me and maybe add some goji berries.

Low Fat “Majmum” Protein bar

8 oz fat free cream cheese 4 scoops protein powder ( i use chocolate) 3 cups whole oats 1/2 cup splenda Dash of cinnamon ( to taste)
Combine splenda, cream cheese, protein, and cinnamon in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer on high til its smooth.
add the oats and mix with the mixer until you have a fairly homogeneous mixture.
note if it is too thick add a 1/4 cup of milk or water
spray an 8×8 pan with PAM. spread the mixture in the pan. sprinkle some additional splenda on top and place in the fridge for an hour.
I cut mine into ten bars for a breakdown of 154 cals, 17.8g carb, 15g protein, 1.8 g fat


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New Day New Routine!

I woke up this morning feeling motivated for the 1st time in a week! No wind, no rain!!! Have bought Kim a special leash for running which attatches to a belt round my waist. Had to do this as I was getting remarks from my neighbours asking why he was howling every morning. He suffers from separation anxiety! So off we went together and tried a new way of running, having read an article which said long slow runs don’t burn fat efficiently,but short intense sprints followed by a walk to recover are much better. Did this for 30 mins and will be repeating each day trying to improve a little every time. Have copied this article for you to read in  case anyone’s interested.

The Truth About Cardio

Written by Dr. Steve  | Date Posted:August 17, 2011   | Filed Under: Fitness, Weight Loss  |  48 Comments

If your main fat loss tool is long cardio…

Jogging, long bike rides, an hour a day on the treadmill, or basically any cardio that takes you more than 16 minutes to complete…

Then you have fallen for the “cardio myth”… and are probably having a hard time keeping the weight off.

It’s About Energy Production

You have two primary energy systems that support physical activity:

  1. Aerobic:  Produces energy slowly… used for long duration cardio
  2. Anaerobic:  Produces energy quickly… used for sprinting and short term energy bursts

Intense activities use both systems because they usually exceed your anaerobic threshold.  But this does NOT work in reverse…

As moderate activity almost NEVER requires support from the anaerobic energy system.

Burning Fat AFTER Exercise

Intense activity creates a process called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

What this means is that after you have stopped exercising (even after just 5 minutes of intense exercise), your body’s metabolism can remain elevated for up to a few DAYS!

This simply does not happen with regular cardio – you only burn what you burn while exercising.

More importantly, intense exercise actually builds lean, sexy muscles… while long form cardio can reduce muscle mass.

Would You Rather Look Like This or This?

Marathon Runner:    Long Cardio Pole Vaulter:  Short   Bursts of Energy





Marathon   Runner:  Long Cardio


Sprinter:  Short Bursts


And it Gets Worse

Done too often, long form cardio can cause cellular damage and too much wear and tear on your joints. This wear and tear can cause inflammation, which as I told you in my report…

Can compete with your leptin receptors and actually prevent you from burning fat.

I am not saying to never do long form cardio, I am saying to limit this to once or twice a week.  And I do recommend long walks almost every day, as this is actually restorative… and you will burn close to the same amount of calories as long cardio anyway!

How to Exercise With Intensity

Intensity is relative. Some people can sprint for 60 seconds with relative ease, while others become heavily winded after just walking up a steep hill.

The goal then is to do something like sprinting, biking, swimming, elipticycle for a period of 45 seconds that feels intense for you, which means…

Gasping for air at the end [this means you would not be able to have a conversation].

Then you walk slowly for as long as it takes to be able to comfortably speak again.

This could be 1 minute, 2 minutes… or even 3 minutes.

Then exercise again… do this for 16 minutes tops and you are done.

Just do this 3 times a week and I assure you that you will burn far more fat than doing normal long cardio for 45 minutes, 5 times a week!

Quick Note

If you’re out of shape, don’t overdo it! You can still benefit without the risk of hurting yourself. As I said, intensity is relative.

Start out with a level of intensity that is challenging for you.

Please keep me posted…

Dr. Steve

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I have never been more proud about anything in my life (well maybe marrying my “rock” of a wife, fathering three wonderful children, and graduating from Baylor College of Medicine tops it) but I am having the same kind of proud feelings!

Please submit your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!


Dr. Steve

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