Posted by: slimwithlynn | October 1, 2012

250 Miles Done!


Sorry the photo is lying on it’s side!! Can’t get it to download any other way. Wish I was a techy!   We set off on a lovely sunny day with our very heavy backpacks (mine was about 38 lbs) Got lost numerous times and stuck in muddy fields full of cattle which terrified poor Kim. We camped wild most nights wherever we found a suitable spot. By 6 o’clock I was too exhausted to go any further so sat in my tent and read or listened to the radio. Kim loved camping and guarded the tent fiercely against all passers by. After 10 days Dave came and swopped my backpack for a smaller one as I just couldn’t carry that enormous weight any further. We were in the Gower Peninsular by that time. Managed to carry on for another 10 days then my Achilles tendons were so bad I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, so had to stop walking and go home. It was sad to finish the walk early as it was a lot of fun. The Welsh people were fantastic and very generous. Have collected quite a lot of cash for my charity ( about £700 so far plus some more on my website ) so hopefully by the time the site closes in December will be close to a thousand!  When we got home Kim and I did nothing but sleep for days!! I lost nearly a stone in spite of eating really rubbish food on the trip which did nothing for my poor old joints, but back to my usual healthy diet now and feeling much better for it.



  1. That’s amazing! Sounds like you had a blast! It’s a shame you had to finish earlier than planned but your health is more important..

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