Posted by: slimwithlynn | May 30, 2012

The Big Walk

I’m still working on my long, long walk in Wales but am having to cope with Dave being negative in a big way! He started off OK about it but as soon as he realised I was serious he went into reverse. He refuses to even let me talk about it front of him, and I suspect he assumes I will forget the whoe thing if he opposes me hard enough. The trouble is, he’s a much stronger personality than me and knows he can browbeat me into doing what he wants. I’m so determined to give this a go and am planning it all the time. Even if I can’t complete the whole 870 miles I want to give it my best.

Have designed a poster to stick in various local shops etc. Would like any comments or suggestion?!




We will be attempting to walk the 870 miles of Welsh coastline this September and really need support from kind animal lovers. To save expenses we will be camping most of the time with an occasional night of B and B fora shower and clothes wash!!

    If you would like to sponser us please email

                                                 Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support



  1. I just want add there si a picture of me and Kim on the poster but it didn’t copy for some reason!!

  2. Good luck with the walk! I hope you get more support from Dave. Stick to your guns though, it will be a great adventure!

    • Thanks for yoyr support. i managed to get Dave to talk about it today and he’s agreed to stop opposing me so long as I promise to stop if it gets too much! I think he’s reluctent to be without me and Kim for such a long time, but he used to go off for months when he was working, and I just had to put up with it, so he’ll have to get used to the idea!!

  3. You should stick to your guns and do it 🙂 I’m sure Dave will come around. I you pointed out, he’s probably worried about being on his own and things changing for a while.

    • yes you’re right! he just needs some time to adjust. Am already ordering all the stuff I’m going to need. It’s pretty scary but exciting too. Going to to a really long walk tomorrow. Can’t wait!!!

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