Posted by: slimwithlynn | May 13, 2012

Need to grow a bigger bum!

My family all have flat backsides, which is a big disappointment for me. I’ve always wanted a nice round,pert sort of bum. Was hoping with all this running and exercising I do I  might have seen some change…but no luck!! Does anyone know an exercise that just targets that part of the body? If you look at athletes on tv they all have gorgeous bums so I’m sure there has to be a way.

Weight going in the right direction at the moment and am very focused on my exercise routine. Eating healthily almost all the time.So life is pretty good at the moment!



  1. what about donkey kicks?

  2. I wish mine was flatter haha
    Donkey kicks are good, so are squats and hip raises (Bridges)

  3. Squats and lunges!
    I used to have a beautiful, round posterior, but since I have stopped dancing (drill team and ballet, dances where you keep clothes ON) and switched to Zumba and running, my butt has gone MIA 😦 Now I’m growing it back. Slowly, slowly.

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