Posted by: slimwithlynn | May 9, 2012


Haw could anyone manage to turn beautiful delicious vegies into such disgusting stuff?!!! I read that green drinks are soooo good for you and you should have one every day, Well i thought I would give it a go. As soon as I smelt th estuff I knew it was a BIG mistake but I just payed all that money for it so I’ve got to use it. Added some to my morning smoothie in the hopes I wouldn’t be able to taste it, but it was still revolting!  What to do with it? Any ideas welcome! Otherwise a pleasant day. Went into Brighton with Dave and we ate Italian…Salad starter then aubergine parmigiana. Probably very high calorie but to hell with it!

Did some more squats this morning and they didn’t feel so bad this time.


  1. I could never get on board with the whole green smoothie thing… I guess it’s not for everyone!

  2. I juice carrots, cucumber and tomatoes and that tastes really nice! you can also add a bit of sweetener to give a little kick. It does look a bit yucky, but tastes amazing!

    • I’m sure freshly juiced veges are lovely….this stuff is in powder form and the smell is enough to make you puke!!! I can’t face it today,I can see it sitting on the shelf till it goes out of date and I’ll have forgotten how expensive it was!

  3. I’m no help – I hate it too! 🙂

  4. You made me decide to pull my juicer out again…

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