Posted by: slimwithlynn | May 1, 2012

A New Month!

Only 7 weeks until I go to Corfu to visist my 2 sons and their families. Am working hard on getting my weight down a few more pounds as I know I’ll be over-indulging when i’m there!

My run/walks are still going well and have now incorporated some steps and a hill as inclines are definately my weakest thing. I suppose living in a ground floor flat doesn’t help. Our big walk on Saturdays has a really steep climb towards the end which nearly kills me!! Must work on this area of my fitness. My hip is not giving me so much jip now..maybe it’s the krill oil supplement?!

My weight has started moving in the right direction again, which is encouraging. Have replaced my breakfast yogurt and muesli with a berry and protein smoothie, then have the yogurt for lunch instead of cheese and oatcakes, then poultry or fish with lots of vegies for dinner. Still allowing myself some wine as I’m too weak-willed to give that up!

My magnificent detox spa will probably arrive today and have also ordered a vibration plate exercise machine so that if the weather’s too bad for running I can do a workout on that. Hope it fits in my tiny flat. Have designated a place in the hall…I only have 2 small rooms(Living area and bedroom, apart from the shower room and loo) Makes life difficult as I’m a bit of a hoarder!



  1. That is quite an elevation gain! We start working on elevation gains in a couple of weeks and I am not looking forward to it – I hope it gets easier.

    • I wasn’t actially running up the steps and hill though I did manage the 1st 2 flights. Hoping to improve a bit each day!

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