Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 28, 2012

Whatever will I resort to next!!

Have just worked my way through 106 posts on my email account….the result of not looking at any yesterday!!! Anyway it’s a couple of days since my last post so time I updated.

Was reading all about how our bodies are so full of toxins and rememberedhaving a foot detox a few years ago. I was truly horrified at what the water looked like after half an hour. It resembled a bowl of poo!! Ever since I have been meaning to buy one of these spas but they were too exoensive so I did nothing. Then yesterday I thought I’d have another look and lo and behold Amazon are now selling them for £120 so in a moment of madness I ordered one! It will arrive around Wednesday next week. I can hardly contain my excitement!  Sad isn’t it the weird things that can give you pleasure??!!

Have been continuing with my run/walk training and it seems to suit me better than the long slow runs I was doing before. My hip is not hurting so much and I don’t get home feeling totally exhausted any more. My weight is still a bit up and down but stays around 140 lbs so am fairly happy with that.  Would still like to lose a few more lbs before going to Corfu at the end of June. Plenty of time still, but need to cut back on the wine if I’m going to achieve my goal of 130lbs. So hard for me as Dave and I are pubby people! Mabe my detox machine will help.

The weather for the next few days is going to be horrendous….rain and gales, so I don’t know how much ruuning I’ll manage to do. Oh to live somewhere with a good climate!


  1. I was curious about the foot spa. I’ve read a lot of research from doctors about them and wasn’t sure if it was a hoax or not. I haven’t found a lot of scientific proof that backs the claims of detox foot spas. These are a few things I have found:
    “Some laboratory tests have shown that water can change color as a result of iron content from corroding electrodes.”
    “According to Stephen Barrett, M.D., the claims of ionic foot detox baths are “nonsensical.” As a medical professional, the theory of ionic detox is intriguing but has no basis in how real metabolic detoxification works. Barret claims that no device can cause positive and negative ions to resonate within the body, and doubts that the skin can excrete toxins this way.”

    Let me know what you think. It seems it may be more of a placebo.

    • Thanks for your comments! I have used the spa twice now. The first time was disappointing as the water didn’t change colour but the next time I used more salt and it worked well. I have noticed that my minor joint pains seem to have disappeared and a friend remarked this morning what a healthy glow I had. You may be right that it’s a placibo effect but I read many reports by other users which were all posative so I’m hopeful that it does do something! Will keep you informed on my posts.

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