Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 20, 2012

Protein Bar Recipe

I just found this on google. Most of the recipes contain peanut butter which I hate with a vengence! Shall try this one with less splenda as it sounds too sweet for me and maybe add some goji berries.

Low Fat “Majmum” Protein bar

8 oz fat free cream cheese 4 scoops protein powder ( i use chocolate) 3 cups whole oats 1/2 cup splenda Dash of cinnamon ( to taste)
Combine splenda, cream cheese, protein, and cinnamon in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer on high til its smooth.
add the oats and mix with the mixer until you have a fairly homogeneous mixture.
note if it is too thick add a 1/4 cup of milk or water
spray an 8×8 pan with PAM. spread the mixture in the pan. sprinkle some additional splenda on top and place in the fridge for an hour.
I cut mine into ten bars for a breakdown of 154 cals, 17.8g carb, 15g protein, 1.8 g fat



  1. Looks like it is ok to bake with protein powder. Have a look here:

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch any artificial sweeteners.

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