Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 12, 2012

Off Air for 3 Days!

This morning I got up to a beatiful sunny day with no wind so decided to do a long run instead of an easy one as I shall be away staying with reletives for 3 days and don’t know if I’ll get a run or not. I usually run on an empty tank as food makes me feel heavy and sluggish but decided to try eating 2 sqares of black chocolate before going out to see if it gave me a boost. Can’t say I noticed much difference but I did manage to do the whole 6 mile run with only about 100 yds walk halfway! Then i got home and the choc must have kicked in as instead of colapsing in front of the computer with a cup of tea I did 2 hours housework!!! Shall try this again next week after my days off and hopefully will get the flat spring cleaned. Have been trying to get motivated for weeks, but cleaning is not my favorite thing. Just enough to stop the place turning into a tip!!!

Looking forward to my long weekend and I think the rest may be a good thing as my hip is still playing up. Have taken an Ibuprfen which should calm it down. Next run Monday.


  1. I liked your story about the housework after the run – funny! Have a great weekend!

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