Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 11, 2012

Into week 3!

After my bad start on Monday things have improved at last. Yesterday was hoping to run but the gale had escelated and it was bad enough trying to walk down the seafront let alone run so had to give it a miss. Weight was still up in spite of eating really well on Monday.

Lay awake half the night with violent indigestion, can’t think why as I didn’t eat anything unusual last night. Woke at 6 to hear the rait batting down outside, so went back to sleep till 7, when it had stopped. Weighed myself and had lost 2 lbs so that cheered me up a bit! Took Kim for his walk and could see storm clouds all along the horizon. By the time I got home the skied had opened again so made a cup of tea and waited for it to stop. 8.30 managed to get out and start running. My legs felt like lead and my left hip was givving me jip but manged to get to the Marina…short walk then ran back to well beyond Rottingdean, so 5 miles in all!!!  Have found a new running club for beginners starting in Rottingdean in a couple of weeks so shall join to keep me motivated. It’s only once a week which is fine as I like running on my own most of the time.

Got a big wedding to go to this weekend so lots of eating and drinking and probably no running for a couple of days! Bought a gorgeous dress so am really looking forward to getting all tarted up for a change. Don’t get the chance very often.  


  1. 5 miles is a great effort. Well done! If your legs felt like lead they sound like they need a bit of a rest. It probably won’t hurt to rest them for a couple of days. See how they feel after the wedding.

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