Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 9, 2012

Bloody Monday!

NOT a good start to the week! I listened to the weather forcast at 6am and it said wet and winy with gales on the south coast. so got up early in the hopes of missing the worst. Weight up slightly but not surprised as ate out 3 times last week. Walked Kim in the park which was ok, then went down to the seafront for my run. It’s the first time I’ve run with a strong headwind…..very unpleasant! I had to pull up once because it was too strong to run against but managed to get going again. Ran (very slowly) to St Dunstans where I started feeling a bit sick and lightheaded so stopped for a quick puff, then ran home. 4 miles in all so not too bad! Got back and turned on the computer which told me to turn on my firewall, so I did and promptly lost my security system. Then spent about half an hour trying to get it back. I get in a panic about these things since I got a virus and had to spend £60 getting it fixed. Anyway order is now restored!

Found this on my hotmail and thought some of you would find it interesting. I’m slightly reluctant to give up grains altogether as I love a bit of muisli with my morning yogurt and berries. Might try just adding some crushed nuts instead.


  1. No way! I couldn’t give up whole grains and I’m unclear of their reasoning there…sugar…now, that’s something I can work on!

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