Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 3, 2012

Good day!

After skiving yesterday I was determined to do better today. Got up half an hour early  and took Kim for a walk and a game of ball as he is flagging on these runs. I think his paws are sore! Then I went back out without him. Running was much easier without having to drag a reluctant dog along! When I got to St Dunstans, which was my previous best, I decided to see how much longer I could keep going. SUCCESS, I actually reached the Marina without stopping!!! I now know exactly what distance it is as there’s a sign…2 miles to Rottingdean + 1mile to Saltdean so I did 3 miles in 30mins. 6 MPH. Walked home which took 50 mins. Maybe the rest yesterday did me some good. Now have to work on doing more running on the return. Maybe this time next week I’ll be able to go all the way??!! 6 miles in all.


  1. well done on the run!! its great motivation when you see yourself improving!

  2. Well done honey 🙂 Glad to see your stamina is improving.. You could always do it gradually on the return run, for example you could run back from the marina to St Dunstans and walk the rest of the way home. Then the next time you could possibly run the whole way. Tack on 0.2 miles and you would be running a 10K which is no mean feat. Go you 😀 xx

    • Thanks for all the encouragement. It really helps to keep me motivated! I shall certainly start doing some running on the return journey. Not quite sure how manyK to the mile. Must check it out!

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