Posted by: slimwithlynn | April 1, 2012


Yesterday walked for 2 1/2hrs over hills and dales! Kim went twice as far running round in joy. He hates my morning runs as he is on the lead and can’t stop to sniff around.  Dave came to supper last night so main meal late. Had put on half a pound this morning so this confirms that I lose better with a snack in the evening. Never mind I’m not feeding him again till next week so can stick to my own routine!

Didn’t feel like going running this morning but I forced myself and ended up going further than previously and also walk/ran back home so that’s at least 2 miles I’m doing now. Next target will be Brighton Marina,3 1/2 miles! Hope to do it by the end of the week.

Waiting for my new tracksuit to arrive from Amazon. Am running in my winter weight fleece at the moment and it’s too hot, but the weather’s too cold without a jacket…frosty this morning!

Got to stop and have my shower now as am reading in church this week.

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