Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 25, 2012


After such a long hill walk yesterday was not feeling too energetic this morning but went for my run anyway, and managed to go a bit further than usual!

Just found a site called FitDay which is free and a lot of fun. It keeps track of all your food and activities and tells you exactly what your nutrition for the day has been like and how many calories you’ve used and eaten. It certainly opened my eyes and I think it’ll make my journy much easier as you cant hide from the cold facts!!

Kim thinks it’s great when I lie on the bed to do some of my weight training and keeps trying to lick me to death. Makes things a bit difficult but never mind! He’s just gone for a walk with his dad so got a bit of time to myself. Hope the good weather continues as it makes my running so much more enjoyable. Have yet to try doing it in wind and rain….will require a lot of self-discipline so we shall see how I do when the time comes?!!

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