Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 23, 2012

Day 3 of new regime

I think in my enthusiasm I have overdone things a bit. Got up at 6am again and ran to Rottingdean,only stopping once for a quick breather. Am now, 2hrs later feeling distincly weak and feeble! Shaky legs and a bit light headed. I think I will give running a miss tomorrow as Dave and I are taking Kim for a 2hr walk over the Downs. I certainly couldn’t manage that this morning!!

Happy  to find I’ve lost the 2lbs I’d put on. As I suspected it  was water retension from eating smoked haddock for lunch on Tuesday. I never use salt so when I do eat salty food my body soaks up liqiud like a sponge.Will be measuring all my vital statistics again on Mondayand hope to see a little improvement after all my efforts this week!

Am still waiting for delivery of my running shoes and weights from Amazon. Checked for tracking and it looks as though they will arrive today. Not the sports bra though, so will continue to risk 2 black eyes. Wish I wasn’t so well endowed! 

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