Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 22, 2012

New Regime!

I have decided to start a new fitness regime in the hope that I’ll be able to eat more if I exercise more! I have started running in the morning instaed of just walking with Kim. Only been doing it for 2 days but I certainly feel more energised and healthy already. Have ordered some weights and a door bar from Amazon do to resistance exercises with. Have been reading about weight training and resistance exercises and it seems that the extra muscle will help burn fat. So far I’ve put on 2 pounds!! Which is a bit discouraging but shall persevere and I’m sure I’ll get some posative results soon.Continue eating healthy light food so I should get results soon.


  1. Good for you!! keep up the exercise, I havent done any since sunday oops!

    • It’s not always easy to keep it up! I certainly didn’t want to leap out of bed at 6am this morning but I did and am glad now I’ve had my run.

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