Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 11, 2012

Saturday in Saltdean

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day so took Kim for a lovely long walk. He really enjoyed going somewhere different as most of the time it’s the seafront or the park to ply ball. He likes to meet all his mates down there so he can show off how good he is at catching! He also enjoys seeing off any strange dogs that are unfortunate enough to come and sniff his bum!

Made a really good dish last night which I shared with Dave, (my soulmate) It was butternut squash cut into big chunks then smothered in ragout and spinch, topped of with bechemel and grated cheese all baked in the oven till golden and crispy. It was truely yummy! Love making up new dishes with healthy low cal ingedients. Am trying to make them all into a Kindle ebook to go with the diet book I already published. It’s funto do and keeps me occupied on the long winter days!

Sunday today and off to church in a minute. Then  walk down the seafront to Rottingdean and lunch out somewhere. Weather still warm and bright. Daffodils everywhere!  

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