Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 8, 2012


I can’t believe how many people I’ve met and started following in just a couple of days. Can see myself spending all day trying to keep up with it all!!!!.

My lovely friend (and landlady) upstairs gave me half a Christmas pudding which she and her daughters couldn’t finish. Not sure why it appeared in March but never mind! Never touch sweet stuf…it’s too addictive. Have already eaten some of it and amm suffering from indigestion. Do I keep the rest and try to eat it sensibly or bin it?? It’s totally delicious and must make a decision in the morning. HELP!


  1. I say bin it! You ate some, it didn’t agree – that’s a sure sign that you shouldn’t eat more. 🙂

  2. Get rid of it. I personally can’t have anything sweet in the house, unless just belongs to my husband. I won’t touch his cookies. Unless you have just iron will power then get rid of it. I know I wouldn’t be that strong, I’m a realist!

  3. Yes your probably right. Ate some yesterday with a cup of tea and am still suffering! My system’s not used to all this rich stuff.

  4. Hey, if you’ve still got it, put it out for the birds – they just love that stuff; full of high energy and especially now when they are nest building, and trying to look pretty for a mate; thank goodness I’ve got mine (mate) that is & anyway I don’t touch the stuff either – my garden birds get any leftovers that my hubbie can’t eat.

    PS: Am enjoying your blog!

    • Thanks for liking my blog! I threw it out. Wish I’d thought about the birds, but too late now!

  5. Glad you binned it honey 🙂 It’s just dead calories that you could use to fill up on something healthier 😀 xx

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