Posted by: slimwithlynn | March 6, 2012


When I was young most of my friends were slimmer, prettier and more attractive than me. They got all the best looking guys with fancy cars and lots of money to spend on them. Whatever boyfriends I managed to find were about as unattractive as me and we went out in some old heap that needed a push start every time. I had very little self-estime and was usually depressed and miserable.

Now that I’m in my sixties those skinny friends are all fatter than me! Ay last I feel good about myself even if I do have a few wrinkles.

It’s interesting to try to work out the reason for this. I think it all comes down to a lack of awareness of what food they eat. When we go to restaurants together my friends are much more interested in chatting than eating. They hardly glance at the menu and usually order something like scampi and chips. They just don’t really care about food.

I am a foodie! I love eating (and drinking!) so I like to study the menu carefully and then try to make a healthy choice. I love steak or grilled fish with fresh vegetables or salad so I can eat as much as I like without doing any damage. When it comes  to choosing a sweet I just order a nice coffee with a little cream in a separate jug so I can control the amount I use. I never order latte or any of the other fancy coffees as they are calory laden.

If there really wasn’t a healthy option to choose I just make sure I eat no starchy foods for a couple of days and the extra pounds soon melt off!


  1. Does that really work? Avoiding starchy foods for a few days? My way of coping with having to eat something I’m not comfortable with on a menu is to restrict for a few days afterwards. Would be easier to avoid a certain food group for a few days instead. xx

    • It works for me as I don’t like to be hungry and if I eat protein it fills me up!

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