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250 Miles Done!


Sorry the photo is lying on it’s side!! Can’t get it to download any other way. Wish I was a techy!   We set off on a lovely sunny day with our very heavy backpacks (mine was about 38 lbs) Got lost numerous times and stuck in muddy fields full of cattle which terrified poor Kim. We camped wild most nights wherever we found a suitable spot. By 6 o’clock I was too exhausted to go any further so sat in my tent and read or listened to the radio. Kim loved camping and guarded the tent fiercely against all passers by. After 10 days Dave came and swopped my backpack for a smaller one as I just couldn’t carry that enormous weight any further. We were in the Gower Peninsular by that time. Managed to carry on for another 10 days then my Achilles tendons were so bad I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, so had to stop walking and go home. It was sad to finish the walk early as it was a lot of fun. The Welsh people were fantastic and very generous. Have collected quite a lot of cash for my charity ( about £700 so far plus some more on my website ) so hopefully by the time the site closes in December will be close to a thousand!  When we got home Kim and I did nothing but sleep for days!! I lost nearly a stone in spite of eating really rubbish food on the trip which did nothing for my poor old joints, but back to my usual healthy diet now and feeling much better for it.

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Nearly There!

Less than 2 weeks to go now! We are off to Wales on 31st August to start our very long walk. We’ve been training hard and are getting pretty fit. Can do 20 miles with my 25lb backpack, which is what I’m hoping to average on the trip. Kim is looking very trim and absolutely loves camping…..mind you he hasn’t had to get through any thunderstorms yet. That could be interesting!!!  We have managed to raise about £800 for Raystede so far, maimly from friends and aquaintances at local bars and shops, also my church have supported me.  We are hoping to get a mention in various local papers and radio stations in both Sussex and Wales. The more publicity we get the better!  I have a fundraising site as well which i hope will help.

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I can’t think about anything but my 870 mile walk around Wales in September! I’ve bought pretty well everything I need for the trip (backpack, tent,sleeping bag etc.) and am training hard every day to get used to walking longer distances with 20lbs on my back. Kim also has a doogy backpack to carry his food and water!

Have managed to raise £160 so far just by leaving a sponsorship form at my local watering holes (bars!)and various other venues. Have now got a page up too so hoping that will help. Raystede do such wonderful work for unwanted pets, not just dogs but all sorts! You can see their page at

my funraising page is at 

No donations so far but it’s early days yet….2 months to go before the great adventure!!

Off to Corfu on Tuesday to visit my 2 sons and their familes. Can’t wait to see my new little grand daughter who is now 5 months. A bit of hot weather will not go amiss either. England is doing its usual thing…cold and wet, and we’ve just passed the longest day! sorry I don’t do more posts…it seems to take me all morning to read everyone elses, then it’s time to go out!

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I can’t believe anyone caould do this to a cat!!


I can’t even imagine if my beloved cats suffered the same fate as Alley, Fiddle and Kiki.

Alley, Fiddle and Kiki are three cats used in pediatric intubation trainings at the University of Virginia medical school. The details are horrific: they’re immobilized and helpless as plastic tubes are repeatedly forced down their throats — sometimes as many as 20 times each session. And Alley, Fiddle and Kiki have been enduring this torture for the last seven years.

Tell the University of Virginia to stop using cats in intubation training.
Sign Dr. Gray’s Petition

As a pediatrician with over 25 years of experience, I know just how important proper intubation can be for premature babies. But it’s far more realistic to practice on a human simulator than a cat — which is why almost every other medical school has stopped using animals in trainings. I can’t believe UVA would keep…

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Getting into training!

Now I know I.m definately doing my Welsh marathon walk I am trying to do more walking every day. I’ve  ordered a lot of stuff I’m goint need for my journey: backpack,tent,sleeping bag, waterproofs etc. As soon as they arrive shall start carrying it all on my walks. I imagine it’ll feel pretty bad at first but with perseverence shall get used to it. Also need to get going on some fundraising, otherwise I’ll be doing it all for nothing!

Ran 3 miles out and wlk/ran back this morning. Am now off on a hill walk, about 3.5 hours worth. Poor Kim doesn’t know what’s hit him! Going to get him a doggy backpack so he can carry his own food and sleeping bag round Wales. He’ll look so cute!

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The Big Walk

I’m still working on my long, long walk in Wales but am having to cope with Dave being negative in a big way! He started off OK about it but as soon as he realised I was serious he went into reverse. He refuses to even let me talk about it front of him, and I suspect he assumes I will forget the whoe thing if he opposes me hard enough. The trouble is, he’s a much stronger personality than me and knows he can browbeat me into doing what he wants. I’m so determined to give this a go and am planning it all the time. Even if I can’t complete the whole 870 miles I want to give it my best.

Have designed a poster to stick in various local shops etc. Would like any comments or suggestion?!




We will be attempting to walk the 870 miles of Welsh coastline this September and really need support from kind animal lovers. To save expenses we will be camping most of the time with an occasional night of B and B fora shower and clothes wash!!

    If you would like to sponser us please email

                                                 Every little bit helps!

Thanks for your support

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A Big Adventure

A Big Adventure.

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Re bum exercises!

Thank you all for your suggestions on getting a bigger butt! Lots of ideas came forth from kind followers so shall be putting them into practice. Donkey kicks are new to me but have been doing squats and lunges. I’ll keep you all informed on progress!

Today we’re doing the long hilly walk again. I’m a real glutton for punishment but there’s no gain without pain, so they say. Having Indian takeaway tonight so will have to try and pick the least fattening dish. Probably tandoori cicken with salad. Would prefer a nice juicy curry they are so oily and salty so we”ll have to see how strong my willpower is today!! 

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I can’t believe I did it!!!

Sorry no posts for a few days!

On Wednesday we took Kim for our famous hill walk again. The last part is a really long, steep climb which always defeats me. I usually stop at least 3 or 4 times to recover on the way up. But this week I made it all the way without stopping once! I was so pleased with myself. I still got pretty puffed but my legs didn’t even ache, so will have to work on cardiovascular now. My resting heart rate has dropped fro 70 to 61 since I started running so I think that’s pretty good, but obviously not good enough.

Will be in Corfu for my elder son’s birthday in July and have just bought him a GPS for his boat as that’s what he needs according to my daughter in law. He loves his boat almost as much as wife and son!!


Jeremy on boat! Couldn’t find a better one, shall have to take more this year.

Ate all the wrong stuff yesterday and got up feeling so lethargic this morning. Had to force myself to run but managed somehow to drag myself along. I can’t believe how much eating well affects the way I feel. Anyway, shall be extra good today and hopefully will be my usual anergetic self tomorrow!

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Need to grow a bigger bum!

My family all have flat backsides, which is a big disappointment for me. I’ve always wanted a nice round,pert sort of bum. Was hoping with all this running and exercising I do I  might have seen some change…but no luck!! Does anyone know an exercise that just targets that part of the body? If you look at athletes on tv they all have gorgeous bums so I’m sure there has to be a way.

Weight going in the right direction at the moment and am very focused on my exercise routine. Eating healthily almost all the time.So life is pretty good at the moment!

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